I've been very much involved in video production since 1998, most recently as the owner of Wavelength Media and an employee of Allan Joyner Productions (AJP) from 2001-2008. In both positions I have had the opportunity to work with video and multimedia projects, and I have extensive experience compressing video for online distribution. I have worked with Final Cut Pro since 2000, Photoshop back into the mid-1990's and all the other associated video production and graphic design tools.

I'm available for work as a video editor, DVD authoring specialist, video compression specialist and I have at least a little background in just about everything to do with video production.

In 1994 I did a simple 2D animation for a documentary aired on public television in Ottawa. That experience is what cultivated the keen interest I have in video production in all its many aspects, and that interest still has a huge impact on my current productions.

I studied at Ryerson University (Toronto) in the Radio and Television Arts program, and while the radio side was interesting I knew from day one that I was going to be a "video guy" in the future. I would take every opportunity to pick up a camera and help shoot fellow students' projects, I bought Final Cut Pro version 1 so I could edit a student production on my personal computer, and I've continued to work in that same spirit: everything is a learning opportunity, and everything can be quite a lot of fun!

Wavelength Media was responsible for the video production of Homes & Land TV in the Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton markets. When I worked at AJP as a video editor, my job quickly grew to include DVD and CD authoring, web video compressing and even website design.