Customize This Website

In addition to a website to showcase some of what I've done professionally and in my spare time, I've given you the ability to modify the look of the site. Understand? If so, click a button (below) to select a style - and be prepared to jump back to the main page. "Whuh?" you say? Well if you're confused, please read on.

When you come to this site's (okay, my site's) main page a random colour is selected - this is the colour that you'll see on the title bars throughout your visit. If you want to specify a colour that you will see every time you come back to this site, you can make a colour selection (below). If you have already made a selection and wish you had the ability to go back in time, the "random colour" selection is for you (it's last on the list) - it'll whisk you away to the main page - where a random colour will be selected. You must have your browser set to accept cookies to make this work though. You have to admit, this is truly a tasty site (and fat free!). Please let me know what you think.

If you wish to leave the settings as they are, you can simply make a selection from the menu (above). Just keep right on browsing!